Accounting Information Systems and Bank Services: A Study on Their Relationships


  • Md. Abdul Hakim Assistant Professor, School of Business, Asian University of Bangladesh, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, BANGLADESH


Accounting, Information, Systems, Commercial, Bank


Bank is one of the emerging sectors of global business where accounting information systems is used significantly in this sector for the purpose of maintaining and monitoring the daily bank’s activities. This study is descriptive in nature and done on the basis by the primary data where secondary data is also used. The data are being collected from five selected commercial banks and 100 employees are surveyed as respondents for analyzing and interpreting the perceptions of the employees concerning the role and contribution of AIS towards the bank business in Bangladesh. This study investigates and examines the role of AIS regarding the bank business. The study also reveals the influential forces of AIS that strongly contributed towards the bank sector. Moreover, the relationships between the role of accounting information systems and the optimum bank services in Bangladesh are tested using the surveyed data. The outcome of this present study may help the concerned to develop and maintain principles and policies of AIS regarding the bank services related activities.



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