URP Bangladesh is an Online Journal/Article Management system (OJS) that can enable all of the operations of the editorial functions of a journal from manuscript submission to publishing.

New Journals

Do you have an idea or perceive a need for a new scholarly journal? Join our publishing house (URP Bangladesh) and start participating in our streamlined new journal creation process. We will realise your ideas and create a new subscription-access journal in the shortest possible time.

What criteria are considered when starting a new subscription-access journal?

The scope of the journal needs to be detailed and specific. URP Bangladesh will publish journals that:

  • build on emerging fields of study
  • supplement fields with limited publishing opportunities
  • enhance communication within existing research communities
  • support global research
  • stimulate dialogue to evolving key audiences.

What is URP Bangladesh editorial structure?

Journals by URP Bangladesh are overseen by the Editor-in-Chief, with assistance from an expert advisory editorial team. Ultimate responsibility for the content of the journals published by URP Bangladesh lies with the Editor-in-Chief.

Where do I start?

To discuss launching subscription based journal in partnership with urpBD Journals, please draft a confidential proposal document and contact us.


What are the elements of a confidential journal proposal?

The more detail you provide, the better we will be able to understand and assist you. The journal proposal needs to explain in short:

  • proposed tile of the journal
  • the rationale and need for the new journal
  • the focus of your journal
  • how the journal will position itself in relation to existing publications
  • how the journal will serve a specific new or evolving research community
  • expected types of content/sections to be published in the journal
  • who will be involved, and a full Curriculum Vitae of a proposed Editor-in-Chief
  • how this new journal will be funded, particularly during the first 3 years.
Ideally, also include a list of six manuscripts that you will actively solicit for publication in the new journal during its first year. Please provide the general topic or working titles and the names of prospective authors and their positions/affiliations. 

URP Bangladesh is composed of three main sections which cover all needed functions of a journal:

Online Article Submission 

  • All steps of the submission process are online
  • PDF conversion is being handled automatically
  • All of the required documents could be sent online
  • Authors may see/check the quality of images during submission
  • User friendly submission process
  • Flexible and configurable submission process
  • Multi-language option
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session

Online Review Process 

  • Ability to change review options according to your journal
  • Reviewers can review articles online
  • Reviewers can get email and SMS alerts
  • Reviewers can review articles from different journals without changing account
  • Reviewers can see previously reviewed articles
  • Reviewers can get report about previously reviewed articles
  • Multi-language option
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session

Online Editorial Board 

  • User friendly interface for editors
  • Plagiarism check (Grammerly, & iThenticate)
  • Email alerts for almost every step
  • Ability to study with associate editors
  • Ability to add unlimited editors for additional works (publishing editor, grammatical editor, composing editor etc.)
  • Ability to change the permissions of every single editor
  • Enhanced pre-publish tools (dashboard, grammatical editing, composing/typesetting, author proof, future issue planning, online first...)
  • Automatic production table of contents, author index, subject index
  • Full control of articles at every step
  • Detailed statistics
  • Ability to send proof to the Author for approval prior to publication
  • Standart reminder messages for articles waiting for revision
  • Standart reminder messages for articles waiting for reviewing
  • Standart reminder messages for uncompletely submitted articles
  • Configurable emails
  • Quick search through editorial board
  • Ability to submit unlimited revisions
  • Addition of configurable Cover Letter to Manuscript Details Header
  • Ability to add unlimited Reviewer for an article
  • Ability to send emails to authors
  • Ability to send offers to potential reviewers
  • Ability to change logged journal without closing current session
  • Option to be indexed in abcGATE & Google Scholar
"Let the URP Bangladesh do all routine works of your journal on behalf of you, and allow yourself to focus on your goals."


  • Asian Journal of Applied Science and Engineering

    Asian Journal of Applied Science and Engineering (AJASE) is an International refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim of promoting and publishing original high quality research dealing with theoretical and scientific aspects of applied and conceptual research. All submission should be original in nature. 

    The Journal aims to publish original work of importance in any field of applied and theoretical sciences (the areas are not limited to the following): 

    • Biology   
    • Physics   
    • Chemistry
    • Pharmacy    
    • Zoology  
    • Health sciences
    • Agriculture and Forestry
    • Environmental sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics   
    • Animal Science
    • Bio Technology
    • Medical Sciences
    • Geology
    • Social Sciences
    • Natural sciences
    • Political Science
    • Urban Development
    • Information Technology
    • e-Learning
    • e-Commerce
    • Architecture
    • Earth Science
    • Archaeological Science
    • Engineering 
    • Industrial research
    • Computer Science
    • Electrical  Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Petrol & Fuel Engineering
    • Material Engineering
    • Textile Engineering
    • Lather Engineering
    • Glass & Ceramics
    • Aeronautic Engineering
    • Space Engineering

  • Asian Accounting & Auditing Advancement

    Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Madan Mohan Dey 

    Publisher: URP Bangladesh

    Category: Inter-Disciplinary Journal

    ISSN: 2218-5666 (Print) 

    Frequency: Two (2) times a Year

    Established: 2010

    Review System: Double-Blind Peer Review

    Circulation: Globally

    Publication Fee: US$ 100 (excluding hard copy)
    Publication Fee: BDT 6,400 (excluding hard copy)