Kithul flour (Caryota urens) as new plant origin Gelatinizing agent with a product development of fruit-based dessert

J A A C Wijesinghe, I. Wicramasinghe, K.H. Saranandha


Kithul (Caryota urens) flour has better gel-forming ability among other flour in the food industry. This study aimed to utilization of Kithul flour as substitute to existing plant origin gelling agent for food applications of vegetarians .Fruit based desserts can be produced using Kithul flour as the gelatinizing agent. This wood apple based dessert is the best example for that. The selected best sample with 1:1.5 flour: fruit pulp ratio, gave acceptable results as SLS standards 586:1982 and SLS standards 729:1985 for the tests done (sensory evaluation, Microbial analysis, pH and brixº). According to the shelf life studies the product with added preservatives can be kept at room temperature for 2 months in acceptable condition (sensory and microbiologically) .

According to the proximate analysis energy generation from 100g of the product is 262.28 Kcal. Compared to fruit jellies which prepared by pectin as plant-based gelling agent, Kithul dessert has more nutrients, and considerable amount of minerals with less carbohydrate and low calorie. This is a cost effective product which can earn considerable profit by marketing as a nutritious dessert by combination of high swelling flour with seasonal fruit. 


Gelatinizing Agents, Kithul Flour, Fruit based Dessert, vegetarians, Caryota urens, Food product development, Wood apple

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