Influences of Construction Technique and Finished Materials on Temperature and Humidity between Mughal Mosques and Contemporary Mosques: Study on Dhaka city

Sonia Sharmin, Md. Afif Ibne Mahmood


Throughout the time construction technique has been changing and these changes are also taking place in the construction system of mosques. The thick brick walls of historical mosques have changed, and thin brick walls take place in contemporary mosques, dome becomes flat roof, even opening and decorations have changed. The construction technique and choice of finish materials have definite impact on the thermal condition and humidity of the interior of the mosques.
This study entails the influences of Construction Technique and Materials of the Mughal Mosques and contemporary mosques on temperature and humidity, focusing on the thermal condition of the selected mosques in Dhaka city. Three Mughal mosques were observed, Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque, Musa Khan Mosque, Saat Gambuj Mosque and three contemporary mosques were observed Taqwa Mosque, Baitul Aman Mosque and Dhanmondi Eidgah Mosque of the Dhaka city.


Construction Materials, Finish materials, temperature, humidity, thermal condition, Mughal Mosque in Dhaka City, Contemporary Mosque In Dhaka City

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